Welcome to Hydrodiagnostics, LLC!

Hydrodiagnostics specializes in on-site Diagnostics of Hydraulic and Hydrostatic Systems.

At Hydrodiagnostics we understand that your down time is not only inconvenient, but costly!  We come to your location and quickly put our more than twenty nine years of experience to work diagnosing your hydrostatic or hydraulic system problem. When possible, we repair your breakdown. When more than a minor repair or adjustment is needed, we will connect you with the service provider best suited to offer you repairs to your existing components or with replacement components to get you rolling again!

Hydrodiagnostics also offers Design Services for new and retrofit Hydraulic and Hydrostatic Systems, and works with all types of Control Systems, including Electronic Controls.


  Industrial Equipment & Machinery, including:         

  • Presses
  • Power Units
  • Manifold Blocks & Logic Cartridges

  Mobile Equipment, including:                                                                     

  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Commercial Trucks         


A Message From Hydrodiagnostics, LLC

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Qualifications Exceeding your Expectations!

Walter Fetzer of Hydrodiagnostics is Certified by the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) as a Certified Fluid Power System Designer (CFPSD, Certificate Number 23865), as a Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist (CFPHS, Certificate Number 16086-R2), and as a Certified Fluid Power Electronic Controls Specialist (CFPECS, Certificate Number 19807-R). 

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